LoveLifeFall head-over-heels… in love

Chest deep coastal powder in Whistler: Slushy afternoons on the sunny side of the Pyrenees: Picking scary lines through the Valley Blanche. Whatever challenges you set yourself this winter, you can depend on the LoveLife.

The LoveLife’s is dialled for conquering the whole mountain. Its directional shape and set-back stance are exactly what’s needed for driving carves on rock-hard pistes or floating lofty turns in blower pow. Hybrid-V camber combines the progressive feel of rocker with the performance elements of camber inspiring you to push your riding into new terrain.

Visible through the partially transparent topsheet are its new Basalt Suspension Strips. These braided, inch-wide strips run from the board’s contact points to the bindings where they dampen vibrations to reduce rider fatigue in variable snow conditions, meaning longer days on the mountain.

The LoveLife has a slick 6.6K sintruded base; a low maintenance alternative to sintered material with similar glide properties.

Prepare yourself; it might be love at first ride!