GoGoYour new best friend

The GoGo is a smaller and softer version of Amplid’s all-mountain twin, the Stereo. Designed specifically for women, its narrower waist accommodates smaller boot sizes.

The GoGo has a true twin shape but its longer and fuller tip shape provides all the lift needed to deal with deep powder. So despite its freestyle geometry the GoGo is certainly capable of a day hunting drops and linking perfect pow turns off the sides of the groomed trails.

A soft flexing Hybrid-V camber blends the responsive and lively feel of traditional camber with the deep snow performance and playfulness of rocker. Hybrid-V camber also reduces edge pressure at the contact points eliminating twitchiness when on a flat base. Getting stuck on the flats will soon be a thing of the past.

Always fun to ride, the GoGo’s versatile shape and forgiving flex encourage self-confidence and inspire fast progression. Whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned veteran, the GoGo will empower you to reach your desired skill level in no time.