StereoNo one hit wonder

The Stereo achieves the rare but perfect 50/50 balance between playfulness and performance. It’s astonishing how well this fun and buttery snowboard carves on crispy hardpack.

The Stereo’s all-mountain, true twin shape defines versatility. When riding this alluring snowboard nothing is off the agenda; it is possible to spend all morning making effortless turns and stomping drops in bottomless powder and then ride icy pipe walls or slushy hits in the afternoon. The Stereo’s bloated tip shape and smooth kick radius boost its soft snow performance.

Hybrid-V combines the best attributes of camber and rocker. Camber sections under the feet add pop and resistance to the nose and tail and ensure that the Stereo’s entire effective edge is active and gripping when turning, carving and braking. Rocker between the inserts keeps the Stereo loose and agile and makes riding in powder a doddle.

With the Stereo, packing a true twin for a two week shred holiday can no longer be considered optimistic or just plain dumb. This snowboard rides everything and does it with confidence and panache.