Pocketknife The urban cohort

The Pocketknife’s Jekyll & Hyde Geometry conceals the effective edge of a snowboard 8-10cm longer, so that park riders and urban hustlers who ride a shorter, more agile snowboard with less swing-weight don’t need to sacrifice performance. The Pocketknife’s stumpy, skatedeck style, flat kicks not only look legit they’re all you need for riding in all conditions with the exception of the deepest powder.

Hybrid-V, a union of camber areas under the bindings and a rocker waist, is key to the Pocketknife’s loose, easy to pivot feel. The snappy regions of camber under the feet and the softer waist will boost ollies to the moon and exaggerate presses and butters.

To prevent unnecessary base deformation when riding boxes and rails the Pocketknife features Abuse Base Technology. ABT is a weightless metal gauze located between the base and the bottom layer of fiberglass which runs along the whole length of the base. The metal particles conduct heat away from hotspots caused by metal-on-base friction, preventing the melting of the extruded plastic base.

In scene of wannabe thugs and gangsters, the PK’s flamboyant Miami Camo shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.