Morning Glory


Morning GloryA strong coffee and the first chair

The Morning Glory turns on a dime and accelerates like a rocket, adding surf-style flow and creativity to your powder riding abilities.

Jekyll and Hyde Geometry is responsible for the Morning Glory’s breath-taking manoeuvrability in tight terrain, but provides a surprising amount of stability in the high alpine too. HEXO2 construction not only amplifies the nimble feeling, it’s a real plus on long hikes too.

The board’s clever shape has the same active surface area as typical snowboard 12cm longer! Its long, subtly rockered, elliptical nose allows for very balanced weight distribution even in super deep snow without any fear of submarining, so you can forget the dreaded back leg burn. Its cambered tail is firm and poppy and increases the amount control available in situations when a rockered tail might wash-out. The board’s moderate 10mm of taper is just enough to improve deep snow performance without compromising its carving abilities on hardpack snow conditions.

Rip and slash the Morning Glory down a white wave like your favourite quad fin.