HiFi High fidelity snowboarding has arrived

Cartel riders Dash Kamp and Philip Toplitsch spend their winters learning tricks in the park and adapting them to the backcountry. Trying a new trick at a fresh spot is difficult enough; changing-up boards to suit the conditions and terrain can add another layer of difficulty to the process.

The HiFi can kick-it at the Dew Tour one day and dominate a backcountry feature the next. Based on the Stereo’s flawless geometry, its true twin shape cleverly combines surface area for floatation with a familiar board width and a ripping sidecut.

R&D at Amplid is democratic process; the team unanimously voted for camber. Cruise Camber makes snowboarding easier. It has an energised and reactive feel, but doesn’t dive and sink in powder like more aggressive cambers. Carbon POP-Band reinforcement which runs from tip-to-tail enhances the board’s pop for extra ollie power.

For a high-end board like the HiFi, HEXO2 construction is the icing on the cake.  Replacing wood with areas of honeycomb in the tips and between the bindings cuts swing-weight dramatically; mid-flight you might forget you ever strapped-in.