Creamer New mould, new ingredients. Same great taste.

Until now the lines you’ve spotted from the chairlift were just a pipe dream.

The latest incarnation of the Creamer brings this legendary snowboard right up-to-date with new geometry and enhanced Big-Mountain performance.

Adapted from Peter Bauer’s anniversary board the B10/30, its shape blends the hardpack performance of the Paradigma with the Morning Glory’s affinity for powder.

Its revised Cruise Camber features an extended camber cavity and a defined but moderate early rise in the nose; on packed snow the Creamer feels like a snowboard with traditional camber, gripping hard all along the effective edge. In powder and other soft snow conditions it’s completely at home; the nose’s large, blunted shape and smooth elliptical kick generate floatation very efficiently.

New tip-to-tail carbon stringers amplify the Creamer’s lively feel and V-shaped Basalt Suspension Strips, which run from the board’s edges to its inserts, dampen-down harsh vibrations, allowing complete concentration on the terrain ahead. For Creamer owners brave enough to spend early season in the backcountry, Stomp Guard is there to increase your board’s life expectancy.