420 - Green


Since introducing the 420 - FIVE years ago - we’ve received a steady stream of testimonials from people that were literally blown away from their experience. No bullshit – this board will shatter your long-held beliefs of what a snowboard can do or even what length you should be riding. In that 5 years we’ve seen every other brand come to market with shorter, wider “quiver boards”. Are we bummed? Not at all. Our inspirations that led to this design are just a little less obvious. And besides, there’s only one 420.

Super short, the outline of the 420 plays with volume distribution and gets its float and stability from the exaggerated width, a little taper and a custom-crafted base profile. The outline and base surface area of the 148 is equal to a traditional 158 cm board and therefore has similar float and stability. But with all the mass located closer to your feet, it’s far more maneuverable in the trees and way easier to spin. Because we don’t get carried away with taper, swallowtails or overly setback stances, the board also rips hardpack and ride switch with ease.